Bioshock – Coming to iOS with MFi Controller Support

Bioshock iOS with MFi

First Spotted on TouchArcade and Afterpad.

Another huge console game is coming to iOS with MFi Controller Support. Is this a sign that mobile devices are continuing to move closer to replacing the traditional game console experience? See for yourself at TouchArcade’s Hands on Preview.

From Afterpad
“This is a game with a long history. Bioshock for iOS was announced years ago, at least as far back as 2008. It immediately became one of the more highly anticipated iPhone games, but ended up dropping off the radar entirely. This all changed a few weeks ago, when publisher 2K Games tweeted an image that seemed to imply Bioshock for Apple devices was back on.”

From TouchArcade
“One thing that struck me about playing Bioshock on a mobile device is that it’s a very intimate experience. Over the last decade, high end televisions and home theater systems have become common, making for incredible environments to play through immersive and atmospheric games. And Bioshock is one of the most atmospheric of all time. However, there’s really something to be said for having your very own little screen running the game, right up in your face as close as you want it to be. Coupled with a nice pair of headphones and the mobile version of Bioshock is a very immersive and personal experience, and very easy to get lost in.”