Gamesir G6s Touchroller iPhone Controller Review

Gamesir G6s Touchroller

The GameSir G6s Touchroller is amongst the best of a new breed of smartphone-focused controllers called touchrollers. It combines tactile buttons and analogue sticks with touch-based input to provide something that both traditional console gamers and smartphone gamers enjoy.

That explains why the G6s only features front-facing buttons and an analogue stick on one side of the touchroller – the right side of the display is kept relatively free. It has the exception of a rear trigger, allowing you to, for example, move around and shoot. In Call of Duty: Mobile using analogue sticks and triggers while using touch input for fine control, like aiming your weapon.

There’s also vibration support for specific games, improving the immersive experience even further.

The coolest part about the G6s is that games don’t have to offer controller support for it to work. Using an app that’s admittedly a little rough around the edges, you can search for the game you want to use. Upload the button mappings to the controller then hop into the game – it’s that simple.

It doesn’t have every iOS game but it’s an impressive list, and the good news is that you can create and share your own custom game mappings button maps for any iOS game. If you don’t mind the hybrid design, there’s a lot on offer from the GameSir G6s.

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